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Water Damage

When you incur water, or fire damage at home, or at your place of business, time is of the essence. When accidents or circumstances involve fire and water, the sooner you get professional cleaning assistance, the better.

Standing water is the enemy of floors and walls. It begins eating away at the building materials almost immediately. This results in damage to the structure of the room, or building. Furthermore, mold, mildew and bacteria begin forming, and growing almost from the beginning. Needless to say, the longer the water has contact with the surface, the more damage will occur.

When you call Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts in Cypress, CA. for water and fire damage assistance, you get immediate, affordable, and professional service designed to stop further damage, assess the damage to date, and then treat the issue effectively.

Call Today: (714) 243-8192

Like our water damage restoration, our highly trained technicians offer round the clock fire damage restoration services as well. Our years of experience, and our expert training allow us to stay calm, and work under pressure. Our main goal is to salvage, and restore as much of your property as possible.

Enduring a fire is always nerve wracking. Our presence at your damaged location offers relief, and hope that as much of your property as possible will be restored. We have the techniques, and equipment to remove fire damage and soot from rugs, walls, furniture, clothes and carpets. Our fire and water emergency restoral service includes:

  •  Fire and water damage cleaning
  •  Mold, bacteria, and mildew cleaning, and sanitation
  •  Walls, rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture restoration
  •  24-hour live answer emergency service
  •  Deodorization
  •  Debris removal and dumping, after the emergency has passed
  •  Content pack out and cleaning
  •  Emergency pre-cleaning
  •  Cleaning for walls and ceilings
  •  Primary loss recovery
  •  Professional drying and dehumidification equipment
  •  Primary loss recovery after water, fire, oil leaks, and soot
  •  Water extraction and removal
  •  Drying service for carpets, mats, floors, rugs and walls
  •  Mildew treatment as part of the drying process, and water restoration
  •  Water damage recuperation
  •  Dehumidifying the entire house, or place of business

Our company, Carpet Cleaning Experts in Cypress has state of the art blowing, and drying equipment, designed to rapidly move large amount of air very fast along your floors, carpets, and walls. This cuts the drying time down drastically, and helps prevent the rise and spread of mold and mildew.

Our technicians are well trained in safety techniques, and will work hard to dry, and restore your possessions while keeping you, and your loved ones safe. Call us for free, no obligation estimates anytime. We pledge to do whatever it takes to restore your life and belongings to pre-fire, or pre-flood conditions.

Call for an Estimate: (714) 243-8192

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