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Upholstery Cleaning

Clean upholstery goes hand in hand with clean carpets. When you schedule a professional carpet, or floor cleaning session from Carpet Cleaning Experts in Cypress, be sure to ask us about cleaning your upholstered furniture as well.

Question: “How do I know if my furniture needs upholstery cleaning?”

Answer: Obviously dirty furniture needs to be cleaned. It might show stains, have odors, and even “feel” dirty to the touch. If none of the above applies, then the rule of thumb is to have your upholstered pieces cleaned every year, to every two years, depending on usage.

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Question: “What kind of items can you remove from the upholstery?”

Answer: Our effective, yet safe cleaning solutions, and techniques, result in most all stains, and odors being removed with one treatment. Some items may require pre-treatment, but our highly skilled, and experienced technicians, are experts at upholstered furniture diagnosis. Everything from food stains, mud and dirt, spills, ink and blood, can all be removed.

Question: “What are the benefits of having my upholstered furniture cleaned by your company?”

Answer: Besides the obvious benefits of looking, smelling, and feeling clean, there are two obvious additional benefits. The first is for health reasons. Furniture fibers collect and hold all manner of dirt, and bacteria. If left unclean for long periods, this can lead to dust mites, ants, roaches, and other household pests. In addition, breathing problems like allergies, and asthma can be made worse with regular breathing and contact, with this dirty fabric. Also, the life span of the upholstery is greatly bolstered with regular, and periodic cleanings. This in turn leads to significant cost savings, as you don’t have to replace, or repair, your furniture pieces so often.

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Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts can bring original color and freshness to your upholstered furniture pieces with our modern, and effective cleaning techniques. Everything from sofas, bed mattresses, love seats, home theater seats, recliners, dining room chairs, arm chairs, bar stools, pillows and cushions – if it has upholstery on it, we can clean it. All furniture fabrics, leather, polyester, vinyl, and natural fibers, can be cleaned and restored, through our professional efforts.

Many people, in an effort to save money, rent a commercial

upholstery-cleaning machine from their local grocery store. These tend to be ineffective, and can actually cause furniture damage if not working correctly. Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts offers affordable service that can include:

  •  Stain removal
  •  Odor removal
  •  Drapery cleaning
  •  Dust and mold removal
  •  Window treatments and curtains cleaned
  •  Special treatments for antique fabrics, and fine furniture pieces

Put our many years of upholstered fabric cleaning experience to work at your home, or business. You will see, smell, and feel the difference right away. We offer free estimates, same day, and next day appointments.

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