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Tile Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning seems so simple – yet this task gives countless people headaches. Not only can this job be time consuming, and frustrating, it can be short term as well. Unsealed, or improperly sealed grout lets dirt, grime, and stains seep in, and accumulate. Over time, the effect is not only unsightly; it is a haven for germs and bacteria.

On the other hand, when tile and grout are clean, and well maintained, they look shiny, sparkling, and model home fresh. Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts can make your tile and grout look, and feel brand new. Our cleaning is thorough, and our sealant is strong, and long lasting. Whether your tiles are on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, or on a wall, you can be sure that our tile and grout specialists will leave them shining, and picture perfect.

Call Us: (714) 243-8192

Question: “Why can’t I clean my own tile and grout?”

Answer: You can, and you should. One of the problems is that cleaning tile and grout ranks up there with scrubbing the toilet, on the list of undesirable jobs. Many people have cleaning their tile and grout, on their list of “to do” things for months, and even years. To further compound the problem, sealant can wear off, and many of today’s household, or commercial cleaners are not effective on tile or grout. The unsealed grout then starts to collect a build up of sorts, of all the dirt, grime, and cleaning solutions. This makes effective cleaning even more difficult later, as there is more to clean than ever.

Question: “What do you recommend I do?”

Answer: Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts is an affordable, and fast solution to dirty, and unsightly tile, and grout. Call us for a free, no obligation estimate for cleaning, and sealing your tile. While we are at your location, we will give you effective tips to periodically clean and maintain your tile, and grout. Then, when you need that special cleaning, and look that only professional service delivers, call us for another cleaning. By following our cleaning recommendations, you will be able to go longer between professional services. Also, the grime and detergent build up, will not be as great, making our job less intensive.

Question: “How come the more I mop and scrub, the dirtier my tile and grout get? What does your company do differently?”

Answer: We have professional grade cleaning equipment designed for this very job. Unfortunately, it is not available for home use. We also have learned which cleaning solutions work best with our powerful equipment.
The reason your tile and grout keep getting grimier is due to the porous material, which tends to collect not only dirt, but detergent, and other household cleaners as well. Call Cypress Carpet Cleaning Experts for the finest tile, and grout cleaning you’ve ever had. We will show you how to correctly clean your tile yourself, and minimize future professional cleanings.

Call for an Estimate: (714) 243-8192

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